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Lightbulb Weapon Rare Special Effects

On Elite, Legendary, or Artifact Weapons, there could be a chance for a rare attribute that adds a unusual effect. Examples:

Cause an extra explosion effect damaging nearby targets
Cascade to another single target nearby
Add a slowing effect to a weapon that doesn't usually have one
Add a defense or attack stat drop effect
Cause damage over time
Paralyze target ship for a brief time
Damage ignores shields or armor
Hitting a target adds energy or heals armor/structure/shields
Creates a damage over time field that lingers
Regenerates shields or energy
Fire a second projectile/beam for free
If a target dies it explodes damaging nearby targets

I believe these kind of effects would help to add to the splendor/wonder that makes this game so addictive. Of course, some of these could also spawn on legendary, elite, or artifact equipment items.
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