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Originally Posted by LostSoul View Post
Perhaps the issue is that, while in combat, your primary target is interfering with their ability to target missiles independently of your focus?

The way I look at it is that I'm the captain of the ship. If I say "Fire torpedos, Mr. Chekhov." then Mr. Chekhov is worrying about targeting. That's how all those ranking crew guys with large quarters on my vessel earn their light slots.... It's bad enough I can't just say "Plot a course for Pol in the Res system, Mr. Sulu, Warp Factor 6." and have him Make it So. So indeed, our anti-missile weapons ought to target something that makes sense.

What is a problem, however, is when you've got a carrier vessel and your fighters target race ships that you HAPPEN to be at war with when you're aiming for diplomatic or legend victories... That's a tough act to follow. Thankfully my computer overheats, so I gave up on Carrier builds. I don't like that my ship may auto-target a race rather than a monster, and I have no way of stopping it. Presumably the captain doesn't say "Mr. Chekov, fire at anyone you'd like." Not without a raised eyebrow from Mr. Spock. I'd like "Declare War" to be separate from "Weapons Target this Race" -- so you can open fire on a vessel as an act of declaring war (Muhahahah!), and just because the race &/or Drox High Command have decided you're at war, you can still choose not to hit that race's vessels/planets.
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