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I played baldurs gate 1 and 2 till extinction and have started at least 400 characters. I cant play the game anymore, not that series. Arcanum comes second although i only beat arcanum once. I never beat either of the icewind dale games for some weird reason. They just lack that bg feel that i love. Temple of elemental evil is turn based and that was probably the biggest letdown i have with roleplaying games in general. I cant play bg type games turnbased, it takes too long. Planescape torment is a good game and i have played it, but besides the good story and what you can do, there are only 3 character classes in the game-which is not cool.

The most recent game i have been playing (which happens to be a turnbased game done right....with guns of course) is jagged alliance 2. Pretty fun game all in all.
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