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Default The Text Issues Thread

Hey all,

I'm creating a separate thread for bugs (?) that involve text -- whether it be proofing-related, display errors, or (in this case) text that is showing up somewhere it doesn't belong.

Shadow, I'm hoping you won't object to such a thread? Those sorts of things jump right out at me (I've had to proof many, many documents and marketing materials at my prior job) and I certainly wouldn't mind helping with a bit of polish.

The first one I noticed was that a monster's description ended abruptly (mid-sentence). I didn't make a note of it, but I'll try to go back and track it down. I want to say it was a Big Sister, but I'll verify. Until then, I'm not writing it down officially.

The list begins:

1: The hover description for the covenant bookshelf is wrong. It has the same description as the shared loot chest.
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