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Default Quest consisting of 2 Named Monsters

So there we were, Ingvild and I, wandering across the Grasslands when I notice a Hungard the Ghost standing by a tree. I have a little chat with him and he offers up a quest;

Hungard wants revenge on those that killed him;
Barghast (Warg), & Griz (Kodiak) They are in the Black Forest.

Well the Black Forest is a bit of a nasty place but I accept the Quest offer.

Ingvild and I gate back to town to stock up on food and 1 or 2 Heal Potions.
While we're there I overhear the Warmaster has a quest. So we talk to him.

Apparently the Warmaster is none to happy about what's going on in the Black Forest;

Go kill Barghast (Warg), & Stormchaser (Styrac) They are in the Black Forest.

Since I'm headed that way for Hungard I accept the quest.

Ingvild and I head out, find and kill all the aforementioned named Monsters.
Off we go to find Hungard the Ghost and report the completion of the quest.
Hungard is quite happy and pays us for our work.

Next we head to Town and drop by the Warmaster to collect our bounty.
Well the Warmaster isn't paying up, it seems he thinks we didn't kill Barghast.
We have no choice but to Decline the quest to remove it from our log.

I think the problem (bug) is that Barghast (Warg) is a Named Monster thus you really cannot kill him twice, once for each quest.
Barghast doesn't respawn either so you're out of luck...

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