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Default My Review on Kivi's Underworld

I've decided to give my review on the game Kivi's Underworld so that it will help other people that decide to purchase the game.

-The basic idea of the game is that it is a hack and slash through and through. From the gitgo, you start out with the knowledge that this game is fairly easy to get into because of the fact that unlike most rpgs; there are few skills to master. This is due to the fact that the makers made it this way so that you don't branch out too much from one character. Thus, you are able to play as a variety of characters; with each being good for certain levels and others being not so good for certain levels.

-The catch to this is that though there are few skills to master and put points into; this allows you to play as a few classes instead of just one. For example: I will usually play as kivi the warrior because he is a very broad character. However, there are times when Kivi just doesn't cut it, and this is when I will play as the gladiator because of the amount of punishment that the gladiator can take.

-So as to not get to into the game, what will make or break your characters in this game is the powerups that appear. Each powerup is very unique and synergistic and works well in some situations and bad in other situations. The powerups in this game make the game go from being a standard hack and slash to a unique experience that most rpgs don't have.

-So as to not give off too much of the game, I will just say that there are other things in this game that makes it fun to experience. There are secret areas to notice with extra treasure, better ways of defeating enemies, and even strategic tactics to fight certain enemies; All of this gives you a better score at the end of the level which in turn will help give you more skill points at the end of each level.

So as you can see, this game is not your average hack and slash. In the case of all fairness, it does have its minor blemishes; but name one game that doesn't.

To be completely fair, after playing and beating the game and all of its levels, I give the game a score of 8 out of 10. I will admit it doesn't have the vastness of depths of peril, but.....Kivi's Underworld has things that depths of peril is lacking in some areas. With that said, I liked the game and hope that everyone else does too.
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