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Originally Posted by Moonshine Fox View Post
Hahahaha! That was win! But yeah, there should probably be some kind of "outer boundary" to prevent stuff like this from happening. Something that just made your ship "warp back" closer to the border if you kept going. That way, it would never be a long way to turn around and go back.
Why not just a wall-of-vacuum that hits your ship after wandering too far away, effectively destroying you? All with obligatory "alarm" beeps and "destruction eminent" messages.

Regarding 0.908 - I have not actually commented on Drox Operative since I bought it few weeks ago. Now all I can say is that the game is doing GREAT! It was ok in the beginning, but every patch just keeps adding bunch of nice things...Victory conditions are great! Race specific stats-boosting at level up and specific components, both added in older patches but nonetheless, this things were desperately needed at the beginning. I hope we will see even more in terms of making races unique but current situation is definitely better then what was before. I used to think some sort of skill tree ala Din's Curse would be needed, but I am not so sure now. It would be still nice, but what the heck.

All in all I think the game is coming along really nicely. So thanks and keep up the good work.

P.S.: oh and I really like status bars segmentation. It's really cool and appropriate.
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