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monster icons might look better with alpha
quests showing up with green * and v
could do shadows in small chunks - setup a frame buffer, render scene to frame buffer (only depth) from light's perspective,
draw scene per light/angle, use depth buffer & light, if can't see pixel alpha 1.0 of can 0.0, alphaTest to skip drawing,
adds to stensil buffer, then draw screen rectangle - blend black texture only where stensil is set (can I do on projected
shadows to speed up?)
monsters that hate each other might prioritize attacking each other over player
_ destroys Black Death (I did but no clan name)
can't turn on brazier in Gloomy Caverns
shadows go crazy every once in a while in cave
riposte not working after parry?
in last man standing one of them basically got stuck in adventure behavior i a dead end - would walk around but would
never leave that block
gaining a mutant level scares everyone away temporarily? big morale drop?
maybe explosions should have some knockback just not as much?
got majestic gardens of fire explored twice & wasn't even fully explored
healthstone/lifestone should regen stamina
maybe do shadow mapping above ground and projected shadows below?
fire chance has chance of burning (fire dot like deep wounds)
ice damage has chance of wet, frost, or frozen?
killed frozen enemy shatters - chance of leaving ice & no deady body
torch spots have collision tiles so can't walk through spot even after destroyed
when break lit brazier should shower sparks around

better environment interactions
Strong wind should disperse things like poison clouds & fire (tornado skill, wind traps, etc)
does water go to ice if hit with cold damage?
poison clouds should explore when hit by fire?
fire + water = steam (fog like cloud, short time)
water barrels?
electricity can go along water?
change random torch random damage to a spark that works like volcano but much smaller & less range
fire causes smoke, works like fog?
fog in level needs to work like fog object
if on steep hill liquid more likely to keep going?
can weather lightning hurt?
should it be like an explosion at target point?
weather lightning would be cool of it was small damage but decent knockback
rain gives wet status effect (more lightning damage, less fire)
intact house should keep you from rain?
drips on water have chance of spreading that water
ice bomb has chance of leaving ice
lava flow from volcanos
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