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Question New Class: Lord of Ice

WARNING, This mod is currently in early testing! Everything should work but it's highly likely the class is either super weak or super strong.

Anyway the thing i dislike about the game currently is:

- mage spells don't scale at all and require constant investments of skill points
- best builds end up being 1 attack skill, 1 utility skill and 1 aoe attack, i don't like my skillbar empty!

So what i'll do with my new class Lord of ice:

- Spells now take physical damage but are still cold attribute. Behold, wand mastery is important! You can now put 1 skillpoint and the skill would still do dmg!
- Class has stat scaling passives like the death knight (10% more int, vit, armor, attack etc)
- Class will have multiple skills that will be useful :

* ice armor now increases your defense by a ton for a short time, making it incredibly useful in boss fights + cast time is super low now so you can cast it nearly instantly
* ice nova now has cooldown so you can't spam it and get a seizure but it has good dmg and is great for clearing a bunch of mobs or when surrounded
* I think ice fall should have a separate movement and attack slow so it's useful in kiting bosses.
* ice lord will get a few skills from other trees like teleport

- Class shouldn't have much specialization, it should be 1 playstyle that is the best and that will be what i consider the most fun and engaging (cheese builds will be nerfed)

Oh and why ice? Because i like ice and i feel it's underpowered currently and i don't like having 2 whole skill trees that i don't use at all (magician and fire mage).

Anyway my only issue currently is idk how to create a new class so i just overridded the wizard class. If someone has a link to a helpful thread or some help it'd be nice.

I'll post my current mod in case someone feels like helping. I'll update thread when i feel mod is playable. Oh and i'm also making a tiny overhaul mod that i bundled this in for now. It's to give items more affixes, make town management easier and so on (happiness and insanity is easier to manage). My only current problem with it is that giving too many affixes makes you overpowered and idk if that can be fixed by simply making mobs tougher.

Ideas about the class are also welcome.

EDIT: after a full day of tinkering around i think i finally have a playable class! There are probably some balance issues but it seems fine for now at lvl 5. If you just want the class (which replaces wizard) then just delete gamesystem,spawnsystem and clan from the zip file.

Hopefully there are no huge balance problems

Edit2: made more tweaks, fixed the spells so they are considered physical attacks (so attack is useful stat) and also nerfed frostball a bit (i found myself 1 shotting mobs with a common staff so that seems OP)
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