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Ok, so one example so far of a pure mage who made it to end-game.


Fire Maelstrom lvl 1
Frost Nova lvl 1
Permafrost lvl 1
Shatter lvl 28
Cold Mastery lvl 30
Evasion lvl 2
Teleport lvl 6

Still basically a 1-tree character -- but was able to pour enough points into Teleport to make it a defensive possibility. So everyone's saying there's one spell on the 3 trees that's very effective.

I tried several games in a row (and abandoned them all) with my Conjurer character and I'm really getting tired of dying. I went from Level 36 Very Fast to trying a Level 32 (same as character) Low Stress Normal Pace -- even summoned a champion chaos lord (and raised only champion critters) and it's painful trying to get through the dungeon. The XP debt started rivaling the US National Debt. (support spells are Tornado and Blight to knock the hitpoints out of the masses to help my pets, and good DPS on my own weapon). I'm calling it a night. If I'm working that hard to just get to level 2 of a dungeon, something's up.
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