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Originally Posted by Bluddy View Post
I proceeded to do the same analysis for shadow bolt.
Yes see my thread on "scales per level"--this in what I'm talking about.

I looked at my Hunter/Trickster character last night and on those trees there are few skills that don't scale to level.

Immolation Trap she has to lvl 6. It doesn't scale-- but it still is useful to explode things, and open doors. Monsters just laugh at it. She could just have it at lvl 1 to do what it does for her except the HPs of barrels and doors go up too. Freezing trap has the same problem without the benefit of catching things on fire...

ALL the spells on the Trickster tree seem to scale. Either they scale through DPS escalations as one acquires better weapons, or they don't really seem to need to scale, like slight of hand which just makes monsters MORE angry with one another when you raise it.

Hunter traps need to scale to level, a damage &/or duration increase. However, Lure for example already does (though I think it needs to act like an immobile pet so you can walk through it and it's immune to your own spells--but don't fix one without fixing the other!).

I don't have trees in front of me, but a fire bolt purchased at lvl 100 still does a measly 15ish damage. That shouldn't even get the monsters attention at that point.

I've been thinking about it and this is by far the worst problem. Its not how many skill points...this is why some skills just aren't worth keeping in the endgame, and why spell casters are so narrowly specialized that 1-2 trees seem wasted. You actually can't throw enough skill points at this problem to fix it, since prices escalate so quickly. There should be the ability to spread your points out a little, and more than 1 or 2 spells that are effective at endgame per tree.

Perhaps for most skills SOMETHING should scale to level. For many the change could be gradual and subtle unless you pour a few levels into it, and there are exceptions like Teleport which are just fine as they are, but say Hardiness duration increased, the healing spells heal a little more depending both on the spell level and the level of the caster, cooldown decreases or duration increases on some spells by a percentage depending on the level of the caster, etc.

Most importantly, if the spell affects something that scales to the level of the dungeon, then it should scale to the level of the character. Monster hit points scale, so anything that does direct damage needs to scale. And that goes for every tree, because there are Rogue & warrior skills that also suffer from this problem. Assassins poison for example.
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