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Originally Posted by Siveria View Post
Yeah I set mine to minimal as well, My draxx ship is lv 40 ish and i've never won one sector because of either: A) Talon comes in and just mutiples worse than fucking cockroachs, easly getting massive planets and ships shortly after arriving (all of the monster races seem to do this). or B) I get a drox guild quest that is damned impossible to do in time. Usually if I get a drox operative guild quest I just abandon the sector and start a new one.
I leave it at minimal as well. Have had a game or two when the sector has just started. Drox tells me to keep a certain race alive, and then 2 seconds later that race has been destroyed by another race. Or other weird stuff like that happens. Make 2 races ally, then a minute later you see a message saying they declared war on each other.
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