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Default Some of my thoughts

I'd like to give some more of my suggestions for the design of the game. It's been a long time since I've thought about this stuff, so I had to refresh my memory.

- Try to keep numbers low, mostly be using additive skills rather than multiplicative skills. These games are long, and having multipliers that keep going up mean that you're quickly going to have runaway damage/attack/etc numbers. Much better to keep skill giving you +x or -y bonuses/penalties, since these can be kept in check in the long term. A few choice skills can then give you small percentage bonuses for more interesting strategy.

- It's better not to have too many kinds of items. It seems initially that there should be a breast item, and a 2 shoulder items, and a head item, and necklace etc etc. The problem is, eventually the player will get a whole bunch of Legendary items (this is what they're seeking after all), and this will cause huge inflation of stats as well as homogenization of characters. When you have 9 items, all of which carry many stats, your character doesn't have much of a 'style' or 'direction'. It's hard to remember which stat came from what, and therefore what direction your character needs to improve in. Better to have fewer item types (e.g. necklaces are enough -- no need for 2 earrings), and more interesting items. Then your choices determine what kind of specialized stats you have.

- One thing I did in my mod which I really liked is that resistances nullify each other. In the mod, I made cold resistance nullify heat resistance, and poison nullify magic. The idea being that you can't just boost all you resistances -- you have to choose your focus.

- As I mentioned in the other thread, I think that a magic system that is entirely skill based should be abandoned. I'd much rather see weapons that have magic properties. These would be randomized, though in general, strong weapons would have weak magic, while staves and other weak weapons would have strong magic. These would generally reinforce the stereotype of the magician using a staff, though a fighting magician is obviously still possible. Magic skills would then function similarly to non-magic skills - using weapon (magic) damage.
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