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Question Town doors and guards

Hello. I need help in making town doors repairable and gate guards revivable. I saw only one thread on that topic from around 2016 and it still has no answers. Honestly, I have little idea where should I start with this, since I haven't done any mods, any help is appreciated. Doors are in higher priority. I'll explain my point of view : if doors were some kind of resource or material (you find wood, build doors, install them, rebuild with wood if damaged, build new ones from wood etc.) that would make sense, broken - lost. But since they are being acquired from drops, have rarity, stats etc. they are more like artifact or gear, loosing them and throwing them out on 0 durability doesn't make much sense to me. Say you very rare door broken, would you just throw it away? To me it's only makes sense to repair/rebuild it from it's "leftovers" especially considering game reality.
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