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The quest to destroy an evil altar has a somewhat odd name, "Destroy the evil altar curse". You might want to drop "curse" off the name. The description needs an "is" in the second sentence, where it says "It cursing more and more.."

When a quest or event mentions an elite or a hunter whose creature type starts with a vowel it should say "an" instead of "a", as in the case of Asp Naga Priests or Urchin Hunters for example.

In regards to the dialog about beheading traitors, "killed" needs to have a lower case k ("You Killed Sibyl in the field...").

A minor typo in the bestiary about Saurian Mages has a space before the comma after "Strong", though that last sentence sounds a little odd to me and makes me wonder if a word was left out entirely?

A dialog tells me the gods don't have time to make nobodys, but this should be "nobodies" instead.

I'm not sure if this is true of all Naga, but when fighting Viper Naga I noticed the word Naga is in lower case in their name, whereas any other multi-word creature name has each word capitalized.
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