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Well, I've decided to once again write up a small list of things I noticed while playing the latest version of Din's Curse.
It's mostly minor aesthetic hick-ups, but it's these kinds of things that tend to bug me the most.

- The Conjurer's character preview on the character creation screen doesn't go through the movements of three of the class' "trademark skills" like the other previews do;
he/she just whacks away with their staff, like the Hybrid's preview does.

- The selected speciality's flavor text goes off-screen on the speciality selection screen when displayed in a non-widescreen resolution.

- The Solved Quest dialog window's scroll bar isn't properly aligned with the window's border.

- The automap instructions at the bottom of the map screen go over the edge of their box.

- Everytime the Saved Town notification pops up, it's accompanied by the message "New Help Topic", but there is no new help topic.
This happens even when help messages are disabled.

- The text in the Saved Town notification window would look better if it was centered.

- Jars still don't get highlighted along all the other breakable objects like crates and barrels.

- The world creation screen should show the entire level range from 1 to 100 (or whatever the highest monster starting level is), not just for the currently selected difficulty.
Maybe levels that are not within the selected difficulty's range could be grayed out instead.

- Also, the world creation screen doesn't remember the previously selected difficulty and always defaults back to Normal upon creation of a new world.

- The slow/fast pace checkboxes would make more sense if they were a drop-down list.

- There should be a key for collapsing the message log when there's a lot of stuff on screen but one cannot afford to move the cursor away from battle over to that tiny X button
between the log's scroll arrows.
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