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Originally Posted by MasterMorality View Post
So I was playing, actually bought the game now, and while I was trying to get to level 12, the town got invaded by several things. So I went up and killed them all.

After everyone had gone back to their places and the town was safe the 'attack' sounds and icon was still going.

I figure that's ok, I'll complete a few quests and be done with it. No such luck, ever quest done and I couldn't complete the town, I assumed it was because of the town attack that wasn't. Either way I had to start a new town
This happened to me also. There were at least two different attacks going on at the same time. After repelling the attacks, the town remained in attack mode. After searching for a town attacker for a while, I finally gave up and went into the dungeons to complete quests (attack sound effects running the entire time). While I was in the dungeon, a real attack happened (I had no way to know this, of course) and I lost the town.
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