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Really good guide. About the slots I was using them for potions and food but never tried for weapons as you suggest in the guide.

Few points:
  • You wrote to right click on the bag at bottom but left click on it works too and open all bags.
  • I discovered in this guide the trick to use the shortcut to attack instead of clicking the LMB. It's cool but how get back this shortcut if you override it? Just by dragging your current weapon on it? But if you change weapon? Mmm probably if you drag the weapon when it is equip it create again the shortcut and if you drag the weapon from the inventory it's something different. I'll try.
  • Not sure it worth the quote, players will probably necessarily discover it. But in hints section perhaps you can add a hint about the slipping system that can be used to move and do something at same time. For example to long shot and dodge at same time or use a skill without to lost time.
  • In hints section perhaps you could also highlight the importance of the text events and that it's often a good idea to scroll and check some older in case you didn't quote an important event. Those text events are one of the more important game feature of the game, it worth highlight them.
  • Also in Key section you forgot pinpoint this part of the screen, the text events section and the scroll arrows.
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