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Default picking 3 masteries for hybrids...

I have this working now, (not exactly pretty, but it works lol).... here's a linkto it if anyone's interested. original message preserved below : ) oh and I should mention that I have included my tiny little mod for making deleting characters a much faster process.... don't click delete unless you really want them gone! : ) if you don't want that potential for disaster, just delete "Din's Curse\Assets\\UI\loadCharacte r.mnu" from the archive : )

Hi everyone : )

New here and to Din's curse about 4 days ago, and 2 days in I decided I wanted to be a hybrid instead of wizard only....

I quickly disliked it though as I couldn't stand the thought of only having 2 of 3 classes "specialization" skills the top though, so started trying to mod it to allow 3...

I quickly found the spot in "assets/databases/classes" for the hybrid that says "PlayerChosenSkillTrees" and changed it from 2 to 3... this seems to only make the game require 3 skills to proceed with character generation though...

I next went to "assets/ui/newcharacter.mnu" moved "select hybrid" "specialty1:" "choose" "specialty 2:" and "choose" up right under hybrid instead of spaced to the bottom and then created a "specialty 3:" section with a "choose" button right below using the "specialty 1 and 2" information in the file as a reference : )

however even though I changed all the "2"s to "3"s, a few things still didn't work:

1.) the third skill screen for the hybrid in game was still blank!
2.) when creating the hybrid, instead of saying "Specialty 2:" the label says "HybridTree3:"

so I'm assuming that somewhere there's a spot that tells the game that "HybridTree2 and 1" should be shown as "specialty2 and 1", and that doesn't exist for "HybridTree3"? if so, is that in a file somewhere I can edit?

I AM able to play a hybrid with 2 picked classes and 1 third static one if I change out the third "SkillTreeBlank" in the Hybrid section of the classes file to a real skill tree.... the game then ignores my choice for the third skill tree and gives me that one every time (plus the 2 I pick)

This is ok playing solo, but when I have friends over, and we all want to create a 3 class hybrid, won't the server's setting for 3rd skilltree override their local file?

So if anyone knows of anything I can do to make the third selection actually matter let me know please : )

Thank you all for your time reading this, I realize it was a bit lengthy! : )


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