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it wasn't hard actually (made it to level 15 just as quick and easy as I did with my straight up wizard).... it's the KNOWING that I'm missing out on 1/3rd of my stat effectiveness...

Also, I reeeeaallly like the thought of a Rogue-Thief/Wizard-Ice Mage/Conjurer-Necromancer class lol : )

I also want a Wizard-Magician/Wizard-Ice Mage/Conjurer-Sorceror hybrid....

as far as I'm concerned, taking a class that has different stat bonuses than the other skill trees is already enough of a sacrifice as your "gain/stat point" goes down considerably....having a rogue/wizard 2 class hybrid would make it so that points in INT are about 1/3 as meaningful as a pure wizard, my way at least lets me choose one stat or the other and make it 2/3 effectiveness (except in my 2nd hybrid choice which has many of the same perks being an INT based caster tree like the wizards...)
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