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Default some ideas for DoP2

as a new storyline for a (possible sequel to dop):

we (plus perhaps 2 NPCs) are sent into the wilderness to build a new outpost, the future new-jorvik, haha.

first, there is nothing, so you clear the area of monsters and collect a few things (first quests), start with a tent, then a hut, then fortifications (which the NPCs build as we collect gold and treasure) - robinson crusoe style.

as soon as the fist longhouse is there, other barbarians might join the settlement (of course we still seek out wandering recruits), they also build their own houses and form covenants, start selling stuff, and so on, similar to the first levels of the first warcraft game.


as jorvik grows, so does trouble, because the factions are not stable, you bribe members of other covenants into joining your own group (so you need to have a good selection of stuff, that you cannot sell). but you also have to kick out old recruits (they will be the future renegades and form rival gangs).

you might also have to travel for new skills. seek out guru-kind of NPCs in the wilderness after you have reached a new level.

as the village grows into a city monsters start to attack, so every now and then the quarrelilng tribes of barbarians need to unite against the common foe.
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