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What i am wondering about depths of peril 2, is if it should or should not have a little bit of dins rubbed off onto it. Obviously we all know that the class mixer was a great idea and made dins an even better game. But even though it is unlikely that soldak will do that for dop, they could still do something interesting like this:

You play as a warrior or rogue or conjurer, etc. That is your class. can give it your shot at luck and pick one other subclass of another class and get 1 skill of your choosing from that subclass. Here's the catch-you lose 1 skill from one of your 3 subclasses at random and gain 1 skill at random from that subclass. So a skill for a skill is what you get. I think it would be a cool idea. Your still a single class but, you can tempt the fate a little and who knows what you will get.

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