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Originally Posted by Magitek View Post
I don't have the expansion so this is the best response you'll get at the moment.
If the expansion was written via the mod interface, it may work fine. Otherwise it will probably either be the expansion or the mod.

According to a response I got from Shadow, your mod might simply work by placing it in the following folder:

Din's Curse/Expansions/DemonWar/Assets

I've been a pretty vanilla player so far, but I think if someone who regularly uses your mod who also wants to try out the beta, they could try putting the mod in this location.

By the way, Shadow can speak to the internal changes, but what I noticed was that there was a new .exe, so there is definitely internal code change, but a large chunk of the expansion is new data assets via what I like how you called the "mod interface". My UI mod has zero problem with the expansion, and after I looked through the data files, while there are lots of new data pieces, a lot of the older chunks are still in place. The expansion seems to be truly that, an expansion.
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