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Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
Solely for my own enjoyment.

Could you make a summons for an ice mage and a summons for a magician? I can't draw worth a hoot.

Thank you for the great mod.
Rest assured, I couldn't draw or model if you paid me to; If I could, I would've created my own Din's Curse instead of modding this one!

As for your request:

Ice elemental
Uses the cone spell: Arctic shards
Cold resistance reduction aura
As tough as the fire elemental, but has no thorns aura and does not gain power as it fights.

Mana elemental
Artillery summon, fires repeated arcane blasts quickly.
Power aura, providing additional damage for elemental and pure magic abilities. (demon war abilities currently excluded in this version)
Mana regeneration aura, small boost to any players in vicinity.
Poor at melee ranges.

It took a bit longer than it should have, but I wanted to fit them into the mod properly. And yes, you can command all three elementals at once if you wish.
This version is compatible with the Demon war expansion; let me know if there are any issues.

whomever grabbed Din's Additionals 1.012 ice elemental+mana version just as I had released it, please re-download as I have re-ordered some skill locations.

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