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Bluddy said-
- Clumsy: half the dexterity. Same reaction. How does it work? Do you just start out with lower dexterity? When you put points into dexterity, do only 1/2 go in?

Clumsy works like this-if you have 10 dexterity normally, you will only have-5. It makes it very hard to play unless you have a high amount of dexterity. Try playing this with a squishy character that has low dexterity mod and you will have to pump it extra into it.

Ive said this before and ill say it again-modifiers should be like optional traits from original fallout-you get an advantage and a disadvantage. I dont know what to choose for each but that is up to shadow. Otherwise there is no reason to pick them. The game is already hard as anything as it is. Hardcore, cursed, hunger and only hope would be the only ones i would choose.
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