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Originally Posted by DeathKnight1728 View Post
Ive said this before and ill say it again-modifiers should be like optional traits from original fallout-you get an advantage and a disadvantage. I dont know what to choose for each but that is up to shadow. Otherwise there is no reason to pick them. The game is already hard as anything as it is. Hardcore, cursed, hunger and only hope would be the only ones i would choose.
That's a really good point. I think there's a huge difference between those of us who are 'amateurs' and have only played until a certain level (mid 20s for me) and those who played all the way. You guys really appreciate the difficulty of the game as is. I wish there were more people who got close to 100 to give feedback on the late game balancing.

Right now, the only reward for choosing these modifiers is a bit more XP, but you're right -- give the difficulty of the game, it does make more sense to go the fallout way.
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