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Default Rogue impressions

OK just played with a classic rogue for the first time. Granted, it was just the first town and my impressions could change once I go on to higher level towns, but at least so far, this class just kicks butt -- perhaps too much butt. I'll need other people to tell me if that changes later on.

Stealth seems SUPER powerful. This is the first town I've actually run out of quests for! Optional ones too! Just go in, get the stuff done, and come out. At this point (unless people with more experience say otherwise) I'd like to see it nerfed somewhat. For example, bumping into monsters could make you visible; making noise around monsters could make you visible. In my mind it should be something I need to be very careful about rather than running around willy nilly getting all my quests done. Oh -- make me move slowly when stealthed. Makes sense, no?

And I disagree with Alstein -- Sleight of Hand, especially when stealthed, can seemingly make an entire army tear each other apart as you stand idly by.
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