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Don't base observations on just the first part of the game. Please also don't try and alter the game based on early observations. All characters are badazz in the beginning and all the way up to the 20's or 30's. It is after that that you see how things really work.

Believe me, there are plenty of creatures that can spot a stealthed character straight up without you either being close or doing something to get spotted. Krall also can make a mark on you that makes it easier for you to be spotted(though not sure how this works). I also think that higher level creatures may be more observant.

A lot of badazz characters end up being what is known as a glass cannon. At higher levels you can die in one shot, or be surrounded and overwhelmed. My level 31 trickster/weaponmaster is and has been badazz, but with experience I know that I am going to run into serious problems with having enough armor and enough vitality. At higher levels Stealth is the only thing making that character viable. But I will have to play within that stealthed window and when I get out of it I am toast. Here is a scenario:

I am stealthed, I try and pick off as many from a group as I can with shuriken and stealth tactics. I then, having stealth active, run in and hopefully kill all survivors within 5 seconds. When that doesn't work, it is time to run, or smoke screen and run until I can get out of view to re-activate stealth.

Anyway, long story short - I think Stealth is fine as it is. I would rather skills that aren't so good get a boost instead of nerfing anything. Also, I could have sworn that I saw a post the other day, Bluddy, that said you haven't taken a character out of the 20's yet. Is that true?

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