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I think Fire Elemental (wizard; fire mage subclass) could use a boost.

I'll preface this by saying that I know the wizard class has a lot of things going for it, and that summons/pets are the specialty of the conjurer; these factors must of course be considered when balancing the fire elemental.

That said, I feel as though the fire elemental still just isn't really worth the very high point investment. The limited lifespan, limited survivability within that lifespan, long cooldown, and limited damage potential really make me think it's just wiser to invest one's points in simply killing or crowd controlling the enemy directly. I believe that the elemental could really use a boost to make it at least worth a look.

I'd say multishot (ranger; archer subclass) could use some tweaking too. From my own experiments with it, it seems more like a close quarters only "shotgun" blast at best. The very wide spread of the shots make it a questionable and inefficient ability for any sort of distance work. Of course, distance work is sort of the point to the ranger. One problem I see with it is the "side shots" inevitably seem to end up firing off harmlessly into empty space or into the sides of walls.

Tightening up the "spread" or "cone" (or making it into more of a cone style attack) of the shots might be interesting, for starters.

Originally Posted by Bluddy View Post
OK just played with a classic rogue for the first time. Granted, it was just the first town and my impressions could change once I go on to higher level towns, but at least so far, this class just kicks butt -- perhaps too much butt. I'll need other people to tell me if that changes later on.

Stealth seems SUPER powerful. This is the first town I've actually run out of quests for!
I'd say stealth is fine where it is. Everything tends to be pretty easy in the first town, with just about any character imo. When playing a conjurer recently, for the first town I mostly just ran around beating things down in melee with a staff in cloth armor and just pretty much neglected to invest in any stats. I could one shot almost anything with a rank 1/tier 1 damage spell. Of course, as the levels go by, that situation changes, and rightfully so. Bear in mind also that enemies tend to be less aggressive and less "perceptive" of the player in general at earlier levels; this changes later too.

Getting back to stealth, I have a level 53 trickster hybrid and while stealth remains useful, it does lose at least some effectiveness as the levels go by. Again, I think it's fine where it is.

As for rogues in general, I'd say they're fine too. One personal gripe I have with the rogue class is the lack of strong area damage. Charged strike is fine and all if you keep dropping the points in non-stop, but when things get heavy, I really wish for the good old one-two warrior punch of whirlwind+cleave.

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