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My brother and I have tried to connect to each other's games on 5-6 occasions and still haven't had any luck.

We have tried using different patches which haven't changed anything, as suspected.
We have ensured that there aren't any firewalls getting in the way.
We have done speed tests to make sure that both of our internet connections are decently fast, and they are.
We have tried connecting directly to each other's worlds with the IP address.

Anyone have other suggestions for things to try? It took me months to convince my brother to buy Din's Curse and I'll be damned if I won't ever get it to work!

As a side note, twice while trying to connect to his world, after creating a new character specifically for the purpose, one of my higher level characters would load up in a single-player world. I find this to be quite odd and am curious if it sheds any light into our difficulties connecting.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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