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Originally Posted by Max_Powers View Post
Raise Dead:

I have a couple gripes with it.

The first is why are so many creatures excluded from this? Does an Orc have no soul? Why can't I bring back amophs(even the smallest little one?)? Once brought back, why can't I make them use heatlh/life stones?
Here's why you can't raise orcs.
Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
The lore goes something like this: a necromancer once tried to create some zombies from live elves (he thought they were dead). The raise failed of course since they weren't dead. However, the spell transformed the elves into orcs and then the necro was promptly ripped into shreds.
An amorph is essentially an animate ball of mud, so when it dies it returns to mud. Animating mud is different from animating a corpse.

Your army can't heal from a health stone because that would make it a little too convenient. The compromise is that they will now heal at Din's altar -- full health but requires a trip to town.

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