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Default General Balancing: Killing too easy, Surviving too tough


i have the feeling something gets terrible wrong with advancing in the game. And the higher my own level and the monster level become the worse it gets.

All my chars have the same problem: they can easily kill everything within seconds. Melee chars rarely require more than 1 hit for a normal monster 5 or 10 levels higher than my own but its the same way for the monsters: 3 crits or a trap and a few normal hits and my char dies. Not to mention those Major Spike bosses who will reflect my own melee damage.

My melee char is currently level 50 and has spent most of his points into fire shield. fire shield buffs fire resistance. i have 210 fire resistance now. The other resistances are around 20-50. Now you would guess that a huge amount of fire resistance makes you nearly immune vs fire dmg.. but with 210 fr my reduction is only around 38%. How am i supposed to get the other resistances to 38%? Thats just impossible. Not that 38% is a lot..

For armor the things look a bit better, but only on paper. i've +65% armor from skills and tried to get a good balance between armor and other bonusses for my euipment. the result at 1250 armor is currently a protection of 48%. 48% looks okay too me in comparsion to my resistances but the physical damage of the monsters is also a lot higher than the dmg of elemental ranged monsters. I guess if i would focus completly on armor i could manage to my armor to 2000 maybe even 2500. That would bring the resuction from 48% to 55 or 60% but i would sacrifice a lot of HP for that so that would probably not give me any better burst dmg survivability which i obviously need.

I think something has to be done there. Give armor and especially resistance a better absorption or lower the damage of the monsters.

And buffing the HP or armor / resistances of the monsters would probably also be great.
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