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Originally Posted by Bluddy View Post
On a different note, I can't tell if trap perception is still broken. My necromancer has 92% chance of being right for this level given his items and intelligence, but he guesses different traps that almost always end up not being there. He doesn't always do this (often he says there's no trap, and there really isn't one), but it seems like when he guesses a trap other than ice storm, there's always nothing there. I can't tell if this is just the 8% that he gets wrong, or if it's a bug.
At least from the description it sounds like it is working as intended. 92% of the time your guess should be correct and it is usually going to be no trap. 8% of the time you are going to be wrong and it is probably going to show some random trap.

Originally Posted by Aet View Post
Starvation state hits. I eat food. My character is still starving, even while they are regaining health from said food. It took perhaps four separate food items as well as a save&exit (which didn't fix it) for the starving to go away. While I am stuffing my face to make starving go away, the hunger number on the starving state keeps going up - despite whatever food I eat. It was a bit over 2000 by the time I stocked up on 7 more bits of food and started on the next - at which point it just vanished.
Any food should work, but if you have been starving for a while it won't get you out of starving. For example if your up to 13,000 hunger, you would need to eat 3 times (6,000 each) to stop starving.

Originally Posted by Valgor View Post
- The Paladin's new sword skill is displayed in the wrong place; it's all the way to the right on his list of basic skills, when it should be right next to the mace skill.
It should be but there isn't much I can do without screwing up people's paladin skill points.

Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
With that quest fail, there are no other quests that I know of (in town). Are there ever required quests given in the dungeon themselves? How would I know where to find it?
There can be quests that are hidden for a short period of time.

Originally Posted by Nim View Post
Should this be possible ? I think a grace period of a few minutes after town creation wouldn't be too bad for town attacks.
These can happen, but only on higher levels.

Originally Posted by Despair View Post
i think i got something, with my ecromancer/gladiator i'am unable to raised champion and elite skellies on the monsters corpses(in town) during invasion mode. i've tried on 3 invasions (all lost unfortunately) so far.
Hmm, I bet that is because they are marked as quest monsters.
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