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Originally Posted by Nim View Post
Anyway, I agree with the general sentiment that melee chars have a really tough time surviving, but that's mostly due to elites and bosses in my experience. Case in point: Yesterday at lvl 42 I had to face a same lvl Defender boss with no scary modifiers. Before he died he hit me for 721 damage + 5 secs of 288 dam/sec deep wounds. That's 2,2k damage over 5 secs at lvl 42 where I had around 1100 hit points ( with a Vit potion). I got lucky in that I managed to pause and could look at why I was draining hps so fast even after throwing in a pot. Had 222 hps left with 3 secs deep wounds to go and couldn't use another pot for a few seconds more. That damage is just insane and usually I would have been simply dead and wondered wtf hit me ( thanks to pause abandoned the town). Oh well, just anecdotal evidence
Yeah, that is the usual end for a lot of my hardcore characters.
Although I'm really starting to appreciate doing it to the boss monsters at high levels (stealth for criticals + shiruken for deep wounds + gate to town to sit safely while the boss monster dies).
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