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Originally Posted by alstein View Post
I think what would help is increasing the armor effectiveness of chain/plate character. Cloth/Leather armor guys should be glass cannons.

Plate especially should make you very tough.

It does seem like defense and armor is pretty meaningless in comparison to just slowing monster attacks, which is kinda whack/imbalanced.
I have proposed this in the past, but was told that it was too much of a change and might mess the game up. However, it would fix many of the complaints we are having.

Simple: Plate armor would have a base rate of 5% chance of a crit. Mail has a 10% chance...and on down the line until you get to cloth which would have a really high % chance(those are just made up numbers). Makes sense. Is more realistic. Etc. Whatever.

The resistances are down right silly. I gave up on worrying about them a long time ago. Just buy ass loads of potions and food instead.

Oh, one more thing. I also don't believe that defense does all that it is supposed to either. I am so sick and tired of having characters with like 95% chance to hit and less than 20% chance to be hit and somehow it seems to be the other way around. Seems like an enemy rarely misses on his first shot. Maybe there is more to it. Seems like if I just stand there they miss, but if I am attacking or moving the 20% chance to be hit doesn't apply.

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