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Originally Posted by Manumitted View Post
Kill him and take it back. You can use it better than he can. It's justifiable homicide.

Or is dead-NPC loot still random?
I dunno, but I will now try it. Cause it JUST happened again!!!!!!

I just had another NPC pick up a bloody (artifact) reward GIVEN to me, by said same NPC.

Justifiable homocide, for sure. Damn indian giver.

I think NPCs shouldn't be able to take/buy/steal anything over a GREEN item. But that's my two cents.

Hell, in some countries, they gimp you for that!!! (which is now going to happen to him... brb)


EDIT. NPC drops are random. I did not get my gift back, took a reputation hit BUT got the satisfation that she won't steal from me again. MWHAHAhahaha.
*cough* Sorry. Dunno where that came from.
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