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Originally Posted by Bluddy View Post
Cold mastery is your best friend if you're trying to go for an ice mage. It's the only way to keep up your damage output.

You might also want to try my balance mod for this particular issue. While I'm currently working on increasing passive mana regen for fighters, casters are extremely powerful (maybe even a little OP) in my mod. As an ice mage, you'll have Ice Armor that gives a huge amount of armor, and the offensive spells are really powerful too. Cold mastery is optional.

I know some people may not like me pushing my mod here, but if you find that the changes I made are good, they can serve as suggestions for balance changes which Shadow could implement in the vanilla game.
Thanks for that; I already use ice mastery but the advice helps.
As for the mod, I send you a pm with the details but it doesn't seem to work, I suspect I have missed a dependency.
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