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Default My 0.02

First off, thanks for making this game. It's great. The only other Soldak game I've played is Depths of Peril and I didn't spend too much time there, but I'm loving Drox Operative.

So here's a couple of things I've found frustrating that you might consider adding to the next patch:

1) When you select the type of rumor before the target of the rumor, it gives you an error message and kicks you out to the flight screen. Ideally it would let you select either first and only continue when you've selected both, but if the code is not up to that, please at least let it kick you back to the rumor screen. All the way out is quite a pain for clicking in the wrong order.

2) With so much going on, I often lose track of important quests, is there any way to prioritize them, or let the player prioritize them? Love the ability to see what quests are where from the sector map BTW.

3) When starting a new game, could you please note in the racial descriptions which ones have access to unique items? For example: Drakk have fighters, which only Drakk can equip as far as I can tell, but humans get mines that anyone can equip.

4) Crew member drops seem wildly random. Sometimes they are everywhere, and sometimes I'm left with empty light slots and find 0 crew members an entire map.

5) Random races on tiny maps tends to produce the same number each time. Working as intended?

6) Could you make it so weapons can be linked? It would be convenient to be able to fire X weapon set (such as two guns and a missile) with the press of one button (or moue click).

7) Could you make it so weapons auto-fire? Sometimes it feels like I'm just holding down my lasers or anti-missile defenses (especially anti-missile defenses), is there a way you could allow a player to select auto-fire on some weapon slots?

8) In multiplayer, when you win a map and when you are waiting for the host to make a new map, you get a big translucent blue screen AND THE GAME DOES NOT PAUSE. As we won from a fear victory in the middle of a large firefight, I had to skip past reading the text, grab as much loot as I could, then when we hit next sector, blindly run for my life while the host doddled around with settings. Hilarious, but frustrating, especially if it was a hardcore game.

9) It would be really neat if you could issue missions to the races from the diplomacy window. One game I had a couple of races that expanded to two worlds, lost one of them, then refused to recolonize it or expand ever again (or even ask me to do it for them). In spite of me tossing cash their way. That would be a neat addition. But even neater would be to pay them (or ask them) to make sorties on other races. There's been a few times where I've managed to show up at the enemy planet at the same time as an allied fleet and it was awesome. It would be even neater if I could somehow reliably create that scenario. I mean, they are at war with them anyway, wouldn't it be better to attack when I do? Or at least when I pay them to?

10) Alright, this last one is just a personal thing, and I can really understand why you don't have it set up this way... this isn't the kind of game that really wants to encourage respeccing, or people would reset their stats every time they found a cool new drop. However, I really wish that I could go back to a smaller ship for a little while. Not to get the command points back, but because say I found a cool new engine and want to tool around in a little escort. Or play picket fleet to a friend's carrier/battleship type setup.

Alright, hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining, I think this game is awesome, I only "got up the courage" to come post this list because every time I exit the game it encourages me to (Which is a cool touch, even though the first few times I saw it I had to alt+f4 because I couldn't find the "confirm exit" button on the popup... which is because it wasn't ON the popup).

Alright, time to prep, I'm needed back in the operating room, something about a another world-war started by a Utopian.
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