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Right, I like Prof Paul's idea most, and I think manual guidance would be the quickest temporary fix if it's take time to code the leading logic. I'll try out the ballistics and see if they can work as unintentional melee assassination weaponry against named enemies.

EDIT: well, gave it a try and it appears that my rail gun is fairly effective...hopefully the shell cannons have the same projectile speed, because that's what is helping me hit slightly moving targets...and I notice they hit other targets if they are in the way, so if there's a large crowd, I may be able to hit something at least...I'm thankful for the enemy ai which doesn't maneuver when you're moving away from them at 150-200.

And I agree that if it wouldn't mess up multiplayer (maybe by coding burst fire for mguns to lighten data exchange), machine guns would be an awesome weapon addition...also, not to forget plasma bolts, which do damage like lasers but fire like ballistics (apologies if these exist as I'm only level 26 :-D)

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