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Default Suggestions from playing 9.31

Great game, good like Dins Curse. Here are some suggestions:

1. Make recharge devices visible on map.
2. Legend win goes from really difficult to impossible with larger sectors because of chance to get into wars with other races. Why subtract from legend score for fighting with other races?
3. EMP weapons with fighters seem a really powerful combo. Blast 'em with EMP and let your fighter shoot them to pieces.
4. Trading screen with planets hides action--maybe pause, or menu at sides of screen, or else kick player out of trading screen if any attack occurs.
5. Sitting on planet has effect on targeting. Trying to hit attacker sometimes pops up trading screen, maybe because I miss the attacker and click on open space.
6. Similar but different items should show comparison, i.e., two different kinds of armor or two different types of beam weapons.
7. Wierd effect when you click on a ship or planet and then use keyboard to go straight--ship keeps trying to go to the item--have to click on open space to clear it.
8. It took me a long time to figure out how important energy was.
9. I'm still not sure what determines max speed after getting 3 ships to expert level.
10. For gift and emissary delivery, should flag the starting system instead of the destination since the mission can't start in the destination.

Interesting polical emulation--races splintering into different factions, etc.

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