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Yeah i like this Race only Skills not too.

Scavengers was OP in my Opinion with there Armor reg per kill and Autofire flak is a very OP "Skill" too (OP for the reason other Races cans use them too).

I suggest make some usefull Tools "Unique" that means a Unique Part from the same type can be only Installed one per Ship. But Flak should be autofire for free i think.

I use atm one beam Weapon with the left mouse button and one Virus Weapon with the right mouse button. +Hotkey "2" for rockets and hotkey "3" for fighter Bays and "6" for Fury (+%Weapon damange -Thrust) thats by far enough and i forgot often some of them to use, or press the wrong button.

I would suggest too make "weapons" like Fury, Cloak etc all the ones gives you something not do damage a automode to turn on and off.

What i like is the different between Slots you spare as a Race. Draks Spare a Slot for Fighter Bays, Brunts for Missiles, thats fair and good enough but give you the ability to regen armor per kill is in my opinion by far to overpowered.
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