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Default Drakk "Hire crew" is mostly useless.

Dryad - Cheap repairs. Meh.
Human - Gamble - Happen to find good thing in shop, got lucky in gamle? YAY!
Scavenger - Scavenge - Your buddy to change equipment when you start dying
Utopian - Enchance - The Diablo Socketing for runes!
Lithosoid - Increase durability - now I CAN HAVE UNLIMITED ARMOR!(no)
Fringe - Decrease power load - Free your 1 slot from generator!
Brunt - Order a bomb - For slower pace lovers
Shadow - Hire a spy - for slower pace lovers
Cortex - Respec ur stats! NEEDED much!
Hive - New goods - Strange thing that it is in game, because they pop up only when someone needs em and there is no trading in game, and there should be!

Drakk - Hire crew . . .

So I hired 50. Expected something good. Nope, sadly.

That's only 6, but this shows the point.

ALL of them have HELM.
MOST of them have structural(When 2 skills given)
So Hiring crew doesn't give you a random crew.
It gives you helm crew. Other stuff? Try luck.

Plz change it to the way it will give more randomized crew(Either random race one/randomize stats)
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