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new stuff
triggers should more consistenly do something
unique monster/item pass?
do I have a trap that lights torches?
breaking normal statue needs barrel breaking sound
make monster npcs more rare
sunrise by far has best color, can I make normal day color that and make sun rise/sunset even more extreme?
knockback should take terrain slope into account?
guards still in walls often
fire totems should cast light
near death taunt too late - always right next to death
do I have a just spotted taunt? - Time to die, easy prey, coming to me was stupid
make grass, tile, trees in sacred grove unburnable
make trees in sacred grove fullbright?
center altar in sacred grove?
ice imbue - blue skin, fire imbue - red, poison imbue - green
map needs black border when no collision on that edge in your level but in next level
lost Holy Well when I died, came back when I reloaded
let user specify when get low health warning? - slider?
resurrect ui disappears when I hold down 2 button (Slice skill)
when huge and all connected choosen - keep getting No open edges when building level error
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