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new stuff
nemesis main quest obsoleted because it took over different area (boss?)
didn't lose but can no longer win, won after declining quest
rewrite win/lose text
saurian mages might be killing wisps
can still get food sense on items
secret walls shouldn't fade in
getting broken tile blocks on opening screen
add a max to mac steam requirements
also probably ours
fix webpage background to use a Din's Legacy screenshot instead of Zombasite
more east/west
need to make map edges less straight
modifiers scrollbar on world map not shifted over enough
herodius blessing - happiness/insanity bonus for clan
more knockback on players?
clan healthstone needs to regen faster
set up other skins - stoneskin, fire imbued, etc
better skin.tga, also do skinHair.tga
holy war - every once in a while evil god gets pissed off, make avatars more unique, random good attack
occasionally (holy symbol tpye of attack)
statues should fade out quicker
volcano should do explosion & leave lava (instead of just lava)
is wampir effect white?
need some sound when using rain spell (scroll or skill)
soul harvesting skill mutation doesn't mention how much
leeching skill mutation doesn't mention how much
can buy guards but can't do anything with them - should be able to add as follower
some ghost standing (not an actor)
seems like getting a lot of ghosts - normally spawning any level version?
does the win quest go faster than normal?
invasion (with gates) scenario had lots of quests but not attributed to the gates
running DL straight from explorer goes away sometimes
reduce chances of taunt but make better debuff
make torvas quicker (movement and attacks)
make it so most new quests come from main quest
leprechauns start with too much gold
quests are showing up in multiple levels
X has plans to raid our clan (where did this quest come from?)
reserve ghosts for single use? unless haunted?
or maybe just much more rare
knockback more down hill & less up
getting things like Glyn the warrior quests twice
not knowing which level a quest is on is a problem
crystals count as monster for town alarm
projectiles should explode when they hit world objects
should always be able to shoot projectiles and not get can't see print?
gates - highest, sand bags - average
more vendors
house in desert roof & 1 wall not same level as rest of house
add a mode where you can't get rid of mutations/skill modifiers
more secrets, legendary objects, & specific special rooms
am I culling out specific special rooms when having hard time building level?
double specific special room chance
special vendors that do clan special things?
trigger has chance to spawn another trigger?
increase chances of good things in dead ends or secret areas
3 top yucca turns black whn fades out when in way
need print that a town NPC dies if I'm protecting the town (same thing for protect clan)
lots of monsters getting stuck in geometry
not seeing lairs? not seeing towers?
really cool things too rare? (magic chests, unique chests, specific special rooms, secret doors, etc)
shadow bolt hits things like water, oil, etc
have a hard time regening enough mana
is monsters starting in geometry them spawning in a "different level" and then not suppose to change levels
so can't do anything
relic vendor even though no relics
make it obvious a touched gate
should increase magic chance in dungeons
vendors need better stuff
add some basic skills that add mana/mana regen to strength (for warrior types), dexterity or vitality (for rogue
ninja - stealth, shuriken, other similar stuff, dagger mastery, cape, escape notice, critical hits, dodge, evasion
if perception is high enough highlight secret things (similar to highlighting)
silence spell? (no spells)
wall of fire
can I shrink cross & make a 2nd hand item that increases spirit?
vendors come to town more often
are monster resistance high enough?
make night matter more?
riot event?
spy (like scout but not visible quest unless killed or spotted)
town founded event (NPCs move in)
whirlwind should use more mana?
increase passives of active skills?
make object random sizes consistent across save/load - set seed, level seed + x + y (or mult)
guardians that I randomly run into are too easy - ghosts and guardians singlarily placed for a reason should
get level boost
giants should shake everything each step?
do gargoyles clump?
dark elves not outside unless night?
dark orcs get bonuses at night?
monsters respawn faster at night?
scrolling centerprints (so can have more than one)?
trigger flock of ambient creatures (bats, rats, etc) trap?
stoned/petrified - can't be hurt but can be surrounded
someone that sprints towards player on first seeing but can't do again (kind of like zombies, but really high
chance and high reuse time)
doors have chance of creaking & thus alerting monsters
are monsters more aggressive at night?
does shooting arrow from higher ground get bonus?
make fire elementals/hell hounds suseptible to cold damage
make fire elementals immune to fire damage?
are hellhounds resistant to fire?
do I get xp when triggering a trap that kills monsters? (really should get double)
detail textures?
any one that actively dodges incoming projectiles sometimes?
some monsters attack in groups (flank behavior)
initial sighting takes their fov into account?
ground that gets stretched enough double uv?
a way to replace some of object X with object Y
hitting something that is frozen can/will shatter them?
fire damage can unfreeze them
cold damage will put out fire dots
attach back up weapon to back?
change all set items to unique?
crosses could have heal increase like staff spell damage
hulk can charge and bash you and has large knockback?
could I make some more variants of monsters by simple color shifting?
do we have a falling rocks trap?
hidden crossbow trap? (just shoot a bolt from random location that can see player position)
volley of them would also be cool
perception skill could also highlight visible traps
does door breaking have good effect?
ghost can cause fear? basically a type of stun? or just have a paralyzing attack?
fire elementals actually absorb fire damage?
could I make stalactites (flip & move upwards)
doesn't block movement but if takes damage disappears and drops rocks
put a rank type of thing on specialties based on skill points in it?
gladiator/monk, expert gladiator/monk, master gladiator/expert monk, etc.
never see monsters with magic items
blindness effect? blacks out screen - probably need to put up blind or something on screen to be obvious
might need a world explosion so something like shuriken doesn't make rocks bleed
need a few mutated bad guys
need a debug var to draw bounding box
should get going to raid your clan type of quests on scenarios without a base
blinding flash works on falling rocks
need effect when destroying fire/ice projectile monster traps
restricted size areas don't connect well
duels have monsters
duels should be smart oponents only?
starting new game over and over crashes? or just when running from explorer
shouldn't be able to turn when stunned
rain destroyed a campfire instead of putting it out
remove old shadow options
luck aura has food sense
wisp death balls should hurt more
might need to make things easier
replace pots, bag, and bags with useable versions
red cave has floating torches
tunnel needs to be lowestSafe
some closed blocks still use bushes as collision
door vendor
higher stack for ice bombs/fire equivalent
X over slot needs to be centered better
definitely need to make dungeons have better loot, especially deeper levels
add more specific special rooms - each type in each ara?
add to graveyards?
more secrets
could add xp stands (better xp orb on top of town relic thing) - so can get from exploration not combat
lost altar of X (xp)
got statues
xp for finding special blocks?
some dungeons don't show up on minimap/map until found and don't get quests there
locked dungeons?
spawn more objects in general?
key for locked dungeon goes somewhere in overland map
can be sucked into nearby chest or monster (none of these can be culled)
make xp pillar really good xp
can also do mutated version (xp pillar)
secret caves use tunnel entrance or various other things
need a tower entrance model still
can't recruit new monsters?
tunnel destination should be secret until used
blocks with 3 closed sides more likely to have objects/chests?
need more ruble in ruins
evil altars need to be unique and/or always piss off god
need to update done/todo
code git
trap door to lair or secret dungeon
change wand to ranged attack like bow? (Thunderborn)
can find maps that point out secret dungeon locations or other interesting locations
clans need doors again
npc in a town could start a clan
new achievements - 25 special rooms found, 25 relics or whatever persistent boosts are called, should probably
call them something & add to journal
if town or village higher chance of npcs in other blocks
chance of multiple people in 1 house
do recruits have an additional chance?
ruins should have good loot
dark elf raids during night
some doors have trap that shuts & locks them after you walk through
persistent version of all obelisks?
gems found in caves more
items can get any skill on them like skill modifiers?
treasure chests (from scrolls) should be better
wands with any kind of spell on it, limited casts, doesn't have to be equipped, usually several levels higher
than level found
towns need to be themed more (npc type)
some cool things like special wands only found in chests?
always has chest block increases magic chance also
use old preferred type stuff - need to support multiple types and per type not per entry
more possible special rooms - crater, giant statue, war camp, ancient tree, haven
would be cool if different environments had more impact
deserts - nagas, scorpions, hellhounds, lurker, torva
graveyards - skeletons, undead, ghosts
ruins - skeletons
underground - dark elves, Ragnar, Shadow, wampir
caves - Plaguebringer, spiders
forest - stalkers, spiders
tropics - imp, torva
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