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new stuff
dirt mounds that contain buried treasure
volcano with dirt texture & smaller?
or could use haypile with dirt texture
or gold vein
use stairs down as another dungeon entrance?
is DungeonWater01 or DungeonWater02 used?
persistent obelisk should be royal blue color like color cave?
big monsters - styrac, drake, etc outside only?
any other class or vaiants we can do for other monsters?
demons & undead still at war?
things like desert saurian should show up in deserts?
a way for a monster type to dominate an area & that can expand
uniques, uprisings, bosses, etc usually come from these
these can also increase domination
add demon gate?
add a krall slam attack? earthquake type of attack?
KrallScout unique names
add new monsters to bestiary
uncovered dirt mound could end up being secret cave
lever that raises secret dungeon entrance or fades in entrance that was illusioned to be invisible
lair can exert influence/domination
found encampment but looks like ring of trees
lost bindings - went to mutate with specialty & back out with escape?
ss0108.tga missing dungeon wall
all fort blocks need to be adjacent/connected, can't add or remove a fort block that breaks adjacency
make ambient creatures random from list
random unique names for new monsters
Steam Cloud
might have to cap Giant Obelisk thing
better mipmaps? Kaiser filter? gamma correction? float throughout? take repeating into account?
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