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Originally Posted by Cyberneticist View Post
Mostly, my question is about how quickly to raise Command and get ship size upgrades. This is the most important aspect as Command points cannot be redistributed.

Do I rush for a bigger ship? Are there certain optimum points that I should stay at for a while?
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this. I usually focus on command unless I need to increase my stats manually to equip a new item I want. Since you don't need to maintain stats for any non-activation equipment (activation equipment would be anything that you'd need to press on your action bar to work) you should focus on getting a decent sized crew and a collection of those medium-slot items that increase your stats and cycle them around until you can equip whatever you want.

Your crew require leveling to stay relevant, they only gain experience while they are equipped and they only get experience from enemy kills, not quests, so make sure to cycle your crew around during normal play and try not to out level your crew. If you ever need new crew, wait until you hit a sector where drakk are present. Their racial service gives you a quest to kill a boss and completing it rewards you with a drakk crew member. Drakk in general specialize in helm making it easy to upgrade your engines without having to invest a lot into helm.
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