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1.) Create a character that will always start in easy dungeons (-3 levels or more) and collect every component with bonus to find magic items (modded stuff or something).

2.) make runs with this character and put best components into shared inventory. The more +tweaked bonus you get equipped, the more components with +tweaked mod you will find, so this will snowball really fast

3.) periodically log into your main toon and re-equip them with better enhanced components selling previous stuff

4.) At some point you will have enough ultra-enhanced stuff to outfit every toon you make with the best stuff, as when you treasure hunter toon reaches the top level, you will be able to play anywhere to get anything within any level range for any new character.

I've noticed that at maximum (was it like +1400% chance to find enhanced?) I dropped more uncommon and rare than anything lower.

Makes any next run with any other character a breeze even at high difficulty.

Works for other Soldak games too

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