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Originally Posted by Roswitha View Post
Here's an addition for Hint #4 on the website. When there's a town attack, all of the NPCs will turn to face the (most powerful) monster, saving the player from having to run laps to find the thing.

On #9, the world map also shows which world modifiers are in use, including active machines; you can hover over them to get more info.

#10. If you suspect that there's a hidden door somewhere, pull up the world map and look for holes in the map where a room could be hiding. Also, here's a post I made about finding hidden doors.

There's probably a secret door somewhere. Go to your left (or right) and follow the wall of the dungeon until you're back where you started. As you go, watch carefully for a part of the wall that's different. If you have corridors, there's usually a section that's a slightly different color. If there are rock walls, there's usually a big single boulder blocking the entrance. Another trick is to go to the end of a corridor and check if you can see more wall on the other side. Click on the wall/rock and it will disappear.

#12. If you've looked everywhere (including secret doors) and just can't find a monster, save and exit, then come back in. This will give it the kick it needs to respawn. (This also works for invisible roadblocks.) Make sure to claim any soulstones before you do this, as they will disappear when you exit.

In #16, the comment about Numpad being printed no longer applies. Shadow fixed it.

Here's another note. You can only have two potion effects active at the same time; one for stat potions and one for resistance potions. For example, if you drink a strength potion followed by a vitality potion, the vitality potion will override the strength potion and your strength will go back to normal. A find-items potion appears to count as a stat potion.

Awesome job on the website.
Thank you, Roswitha. The #10 stuff was already addressed (not in the getting started material) in a "I'm stuck" link at the top. It's interesting as in that section I'd said almost the exact thing that you said.

Thanks, the others will be added shortly. Your input is appreciated!
Stephen A. Hornback
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