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Default Upcoming changes in version 1.002

  • removed task stuff - not being used, could possible be a cpu hit if not working correctly
  • added area name to uprising quest title (Roswitha)
  • removed minimap key (it has been an option instead of a key for a while now) (DinoMC)
  • now when holding down stay skill key and use left click to shoot a magic arrow skill it uses the skill correctly instead of the basic bow attack (Dr. Freeman)
  • now non-quest dimensional gates are limited to having 5 monsters out at a time - should fix some slow down issues (won't fix anything currently broken worlds though)
  • monsters now only constantly wander around town if a clan is there
  • now monsters don't wander around just because they are in a war
  • now a monster that can't move towards its destination will sleep for a while if nothing really pressing
  • increased health of NPCs that need to be rescued
  • removed XP debt from abandoning a scenario with a hardcore character
  • removed scenarios/worlds abandon stat - not really relevant since you can easily leave and come back to a scenario/world
  • added 0.2% spell damage per intelligence (starting low to see how it goes)
  • added 0.1% healing per spirit (starting low to see how it goes)
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