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  • changed mutate from specialty/character chances to 30 (keep) / 65 (from other specialty/character)/ 5% (completely random) (was 45/45/10)
  • you can now leave a scenario early that you have lost (MikeLemmer)
  • fixed some brazier collision issues in dungeonDeathMaskDL.ara & dungeonPitsofDispairDL.ara (Nirimetus)
  • ice will no longer be created when ice or water is hit with an ice spell (Bender the DevoMiezer)
  • added some more controls to things spreading (like water and ice)
  • fixed stealth kill stat (Major Twitch)
  • defensive skills no longer help you get your combo multiplier up
  • now when 2 clans based in same level even though they will not buy the other contact, they will gladly sell it to you (DestroTheGod)
  • now make sure items don't get distributed to bulletin board (Notorious)
  • added Only Hope character mode - if you die, you lose that scenario/world (Calubob)
  • no longer get warnings from killing a friend of a clan when that clan is raiding you (*Yuki*)
  • can now tell if a thread is main thread - just a dev things at the moment
  • fixed a crash in cacheResource & getCachedResource (thread safe issue)
  • now objects (like evil pool) and their status effects level scale correctly (chesse20)
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